Agent 2 Ski Board - SILVER SPORT
Faction Agent 2 Skis
CHF 779,00 CHF 545,00 Incl. tax
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Faction Agent 2 Skis

Faction Agent 2 Skis

CHF 779,00
CHF 545,00 Incl. tax
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Constructed with a lightweight Karuba wood core and reinforced with carbon weave, the ski provides a versatile ride for all types of terrain. With a rocker design for added agility, you’ll enjoy an energizing ascent and a smooth, controlled descent. Read more.

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Lightweight Karuba Core
Karuba is an extremely lightweight wood core with excellent strength properties. Provides beautiful flex and vibration absorption, making it an ideal wood core for a touring ski that performs just as well on the uphill as on the downhill.

Full Carbon Weave
Between 8-12 carbon strips sandwiched on either side of the wood core enhance ski stability without extra bulk. Woven into fibreglass for full-length strength and stiffness.

Recycled Materials
We are working with Faction's production partners to eliminate material waste. We now mix base, sidewall and top sheet material scraps back into the raw material used for production, reducing carbon emissions while ensuring the same level of quality & durability.

Locally Sourced Materials
In an effort to reduce the impact of Faction's supply chain, we strive to source materials from European companies that are based near Faction's factories.

1% For The Planet
We donate 1% of all sales to approved environmental non-profits. 1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses that are financially committed to mitigating human-driven climate change.

Sustainable Wood Cores
Faction's poplar, beech and ash cores are sourced from the forests that are growing near Faction's European factories, eliminating the carbon cost of transporting raw materials across great distances.

100% Renewable Energy Factory
This ski is produced in a cutting-edge facility that runs on electrical power that is 100% renewable. The factory no longer uses oil, resulting in annual CO2 emissions reductions of a whopping 10 million kilograms.

XL 2.5mm Edges
The 2.5mm edges stack an extra 25% of the height on top of Faction's already super-durable standard 2.0mm edges. This extra steel gives the rider a pair of skis that are going to take more abuse and last longer.

Full Strength Sidewall
A construction that places strips of protective material along the sides of each core, between the edge and the top sheet. Sidewalls provide the best possible edge hold and stability when the ski is engaged in a turn as well as protecting the woodcore and edges.

Elliptical Sidecut
The Elliptical Sidecut is made up of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radii in the tip and tail of the ski. The long radius underfoot means you can pivot faster and easier, the shorter radius results in easier turn initiation.

Anti-Chip Micro-Cap
Micro-cap is a hybrid of premium sandwich sidewall fused with durable lightweight cap construction. Provides strong edge hold, and torsional stability, and protects joints prone to chipping.

Mustache Flex
Enjoy stability in front of, and behind the binding area to provide solid edge hold. Then, we transition to smooth, progressive flex in the tips and tails to easily absorb all the different bumps. This flex allows for progression and an easier turn initiation and finish.

High Resistance Topsheet
We use the highest quality top sheet material available, and we test it rigorously to ensure it stands up to regular abuse. Sourced near Faction's factories in Europe for a friendlier supply chain.

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Faction Agent 2 Skis
Agent 2 Skis
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