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Why Choose Us?

A professional service ensures carefree riding on the slopes. With MONTANA-machines you prepare skis and boards professionally.

Our service staff are ready to quickly service your equipment. We have the latest cutting edge machines from Montana, that will give you the best grip, optimal manoeuvrability, longer life and the ability to ride safely.


Service Rates

Machine Wax                               10.00 CHF

Hand Wax                                     20.00 CHF

Base Patch                                + 30.00 CHF

Base Grind                                    50.00 CHF   

Edge Grind                                   35.00 CHF 

P-Tex                                              20.00 CHF

Binding Mount                              30.00 CHF

Binding Mount drilling              + 50.00 CHF

Service Packages

Searching for a smoother ride? Come into our Service Center and save on service by purchasing a Small or Big Tuning Service for your Skis or Snowboard. These package provide you with the best value and are only available in-sto

Small Service

45.00 CHF

Skis or Snowboard


Base Grind

Edge Grind

Hot Wax

Big Service

60.00 CHF

Skis or Snowboard



Base Grind

Edge Grind

Hot Wax

Pro Service

89.00 CHF




Base Grind

Hand Edge Grind

Hand Hot Wax

Overnight Tuning Guarantee

In addition to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer Overnight Guarantee tuning service. Simply drop your skis off by 5pm (either at SILVER SPORT Rougemont or in one of our 3 SILVER SPORT Hotel locations and they’ll be waiting for you by 9am the next morning. At SILVER SPORT, we value our customers’ equipment and time. That’s why we work through the night to make sure you never have to miss a day on the slopes.

Ship in Service

Whether you're coming to Geneva or London for a ski vacation, or simply don't have an elite service center back home, you can still get access to our world-class tuning services. With our Ship-to-Tune Program, you can send your skis to Rougemont to receive the Expert services they deserve. When the work is done, we'll either hold them in the shop for you to pick up in person, or pack them up and ship them safely back to you, whichever you prefer.


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